Лучшая заявка на вступление в гильду в этой Вселенной. =))

I was from Stormrage, when invite I transfer. I got CT-profile is here:

Application Template
If you fill out everything, also silly questions, you have a very good chance.
We want serious answers. Good luck.

Your character(s)
Nick: Narzok
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior (11/33/17)
Spec: Much fury.

Unbuffed stats...
Armor: 8214
Health: 9189
Mana: I used rage.
Crit: 14.54%
Main stat: Attack Power
Hit rating: 27
Other noticable stats? ex. Spirit, Resilience, Defense: 54 spirit, 49 resillience, 46 defense.

Why this spec? I used since low garden and its working.
Do you have good gear for other specs? I can use all warrior spec with gear =)
Is it okay with you to respec if we need you to? No.

Profession #1: Herbalist (375).
Profession #2: Blacksmith (297)

/played with this character: Warrior.
Exalted factions: Orgilla. Low City. Orgrimmar. Ravenholt.
Armory link: 8214.
Other notable characters: lvl 14 Roge.

Class questions:
- What gems should you use with your pve spec? Red gems.
- What is the most efficient pve spec for you, and will you be specced like that when participating in 25man raids? 11/33/17. (Much fury.) Yes.
- Which metagem you use for pve? I non't use metagem.
- How do you usually Tank/Dps? (Explain why you use what you do) I tank if only warrior and else dps.
- Why do you play a warrior? (Explain which aspects of the warrior you love and why, Examples may be used): I take high beating for monster so have much stamina =)
- Which stats would Prio over others, as protection/Dps warrior, Explain why? (Dodge,Parry,Block,Defense,Hit,Crit,Expertise,Attackpower)
Dodge, Parry, Block, Defense, Hit, Crit, Expertise, Attackpower. You forget stamina =)
- Which attack ability gives the most threat? Fear.
- Which consumables & Flask/pots would you use on bosses? Mage food. (From level 70 tabel.)
- Do you have any resistance gear for bosstanking? I still have MC stats in mine bank.
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